Temperature Calibration

We at VeeTECH have capabilities  available for most temperature-reading instruments including recorder, hygrometer, RTD probe, pyrometer and thermocouple calibration. Thermometer calibration for digital, infra-red, bimetal, surface and liquid in glass models is also provided. Our technicians survey temperatures at various locations in the oven or furnace to accurately identify the need for adjustments that will maintain consistent temperature throughout. We work with top-of-the-line calibration equipment to verify optimal performance from your temperature instruments.

Our field technicians can calibrate ovens, furnaces, temperature controllers and other instruments right at your facility, and you can count on a reasonable turnaround with every order.

The Temperature Calibration Process

We utilise a number of different processes to perform temperature calibration on a wide range of instruments both in our lab and on the field. Digital recorder and thermometer calibration takes place on High Precision Oil bath and Dry Blocks.

Calibration Capabilities

  • Dry Blocks Calibration
  • Hygrometer Calibration
    • Dial Type/Temperature/RH Probe
  • Oven/Furnace Uniformity Surveys
  • Psychrometer Calibration – Dew Point, Sling
  • Pyrometer Calibration
  • Recorder Calibration
    • Chart Temperature
    • Digital Temperature
  • System Accuracy Tests
  • Temperature Uniformity Test
  • Temperature Controllers/Digital Readout Calibration
  • RTD Probe Calibration (ITS-Coefficient)
  • Thermocouple Calibration – “K”, “J” , “R”, “S” etc.
    • No readout and module
  • Thermometer Calibration
    • Bimetal, Liquid in Glass, Surface
    • Digital
    • Infrared

Our services are not limited to these instruments, if you need to calibrate an instrument not listed here, please contact us.