Force Calibration

Instruments such as Tension meters, force gauges and load cells are dependent on accurate force calibration in order to consistently deliver their specified performance..

All results from our force calibration service will be clearly detailed in a Calibration Certificate.

The Force Calibration Process

Force calibration is performed in one of two ways at our laboratory depending on the weight capacity of the equipment being tested. Most often, equipment with a capacity below 500 LBF will be calibrated using a hand-held dead weight test for tension and compression. Instruments over this weight capacity are generally tested on a  force calibration machine with a capacity of 3000kN.

The first step is exercising the customer’s equipment to be sure it is in working order for the process to follow. Next, the appropriate equipment is selected and the standard is set. A 5-point calibration will be run for most instruments at every 20 percent of capacity, although a higher accuracy instrument will require 10 points at 10 percent of capacity.

Calibration Capabilities

  • Tension Meter
  • Force Gauge Calibration
    • Tension, Compression
  • Load Cell Calibration
    • Tension, Compression
  • Push Pull Tester


Our services are not limited to these instruments, if you need to calibrate an instrument not listed here, please contact us.